Why Does Orange County, California Always Vote Republican?

Why Does Orange County, California Always Vote Republican?

Looking at the Demographics of Orange County, I would say that it would seem very much to fit the profile of a “Blue” area: Ethnically diverse, Educated, Urban/Suburban, and pretty affluent. Most counties in California and other “Blue” States that have these characteristics, invariably vote Democratic (Think Los Angles, San Francisco, Marin, Alameda counties) Yet, Orange County has always voted Republican, including in the recent election. Does anyone have any theories as to why Orange County always votes Republicans, yet other California counties with very similar demographics vote heavily Democratic?



BarryThe says:

Orange County is a tad on the affluent side. People who have stable lifestyles tend to vote Republican because that party is traditionally more conservative. The Democratic party often likes to shake things up and seems less stable than the GOP. When you get older and have lots of “stuff”, you tend to want to do anything to protect it. You’ll find also that along with stability comes age. People who are more advanced in years tend to scoff at the idea of radical change.

Michelle says:

I wouldnt say its very diverse or urban.
Its very suburban with a few very expensive shopping areas.
Of course everyone there wants their child to grown up with their best interests in mind, so they are often very religious. So things like pro-life and banning same sex marriage is important, which are republican views.

Anne says:

Probably because of the community there. I have relatives up there who are Republican.

HOla says:

i thought that was a rich neighbourhood…
i really dont know why..
good question though

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