Why Do People In La And Orange County Dislike Each Other So Much?

Why Do People In La And Orange County Dislike Each Other So Much?

I get the LA Times and occasionally read LA Magazine and whenever those publications sugest something in Orange County people will write a nasty letter to the editor asking ‘why did you suggest something in Orange County. I have no desire to step foot there’. I understand the liberal/conservative differences between the two. Any other reasons?



Carlisle says:

I think calling it dislike is going too far. It is more like a cultural misunderstanding. Here is my personal example: I have cousins who live there, and not even of my own generation. They are my parents’ generation and must by now be about 90! But they are deeply tanned, drive matching Cadillacs, and are focused on their tennis games, or at least were until very recently. That and their cruises and their little dog, which they anthropomorphized and even dressed up for Christmas! Sheesh! It all seems so very shallow.
That stands in contrast to our side of the family, which is interested in books, art, music, deep conversation, yada yada yada. I don’t want to sound too judgmental here, to be honest, but you get the idea, I hope. We are just at a point of disconnect when it comes to values as to what makes us tick. And yes, I guess we’re more liberal. And we certainly go for the sunblock.
We’re family and we have some people in common whom we love very much, but we have a hard time finding much other common ground, and I think that is my best illustration of the stereotypical view of the difference between LA and Orange County, at least as it has been over the years.

Jason says:

Having grown up in the Midwest and moved to the basin I feel like I have a perspective on this. I lived in both OC and LA, so I have seen both sides. The absolute truth of the matter is that the people in the OC come across as so self-absorbed (even compared to folks from LA), elitist, and shallow that most normal people in the world just plain don’t like them. LA isn’t exactly normal, but its closer than OC.

Paris Hilton says:

I don’t think they really do Muppet…I have nice friends from Orange County…

Aznq_t24 says:

It’s just jealousy, plain and simple. Nothing further.
Love your own is what I was told.

LVgirl says:

I was born and raised in LA County. But, I am about a 5 minute drive from OC. OC used to be referred to as the “Orange Wall” If you were Hispanic, African-America, Asian or otherwise non-white, it was considered hard to fit into the workforce, schools or social scene there. (80’s and before). OC was considered more conservative and republican. With my experiences, OC’s youth seemed more sheltered and compared to LA’s diversity and hard core realism. But, LA’s westside has its upscale areas like Beverly Hills, Westwood, Burbank, Brentwood and Bel Air, which has a higher white population. (Entertainment-oriented industry). The rest of LA county is mostly blue-collar and more ethnic.
But, the wall has come tumbling down. Only the end of South OC near the San Diego border has mostly White populations. That will change soon. The White population is Southern CA is dropping steadily. Huntington Beach is getting more Latino and many parts of North, Central and South OC are increasing their Asian populations. I do not mean to sound racist. I am just interested in demographics and the changes that takes place with each decade.
The differences were usually political, economical, social and educational. I like both OC and LA . I rarely go to LA’s westside. It is too far and I can find fun things to do so much closer. Most of the people I talk to don’t seem to hate the other county, or refuse to go there.
OC was never called “The OC” before that TV show of the same name. It cracks me up when I hear out of staters who move to OC, refer to it as “The OC”. For example… “I just moved to the OC from New Jersey”. I feel embaressed for them because they have no clue. Nobody originally from OC calls it “The OC”. That was just made up for the TV show.
Some OC people have told me that LA and Long Beach are to “gangy” for them and they would not go there at night. LA people have told me that OC people are materialistic and not that friendly. It all depends on your experience.

copestir says:

I have lived in Orange county, LA County and Ventura County. I do not think they all dislike each other that much. Most of the poeple I know have moved around and compare each community and have found a lot of similarities.
For Example: The Janss Corp. founded Yorba Linda and Thousand Oaks and Westwood.

TX2step says:

I went to school in Woodland Hills and worked in LA; then moved to Orange Co. and lived there 30 yrs. Orange Co. is much more family-oriented, cleaner and safer. LA is way too congested, “wild” and has more crime. I dreaded to even drive THROUGH LA, because I was always afraid of being “sniped” at … and YES, it does happen quite often! The gangs in LA seem to have very bad aim (or eyesight), and innocent people are killed at an alarming rate….or maybe it’s their initiations that have them shooting at innocent bystanders (or drivers). Anyway, LA is just too bizarre. The beach cities in Orange County (i.e. Newport) CAN be snobby, but the farther from the beach you get, the more down-to-earth people are. Orange Park Acres, Villa Park and Anaheim Hills are wonderful places to live, with wonderful, caring people…..

shannon c says:

I was born and raised in Orange County. So from a OC prospective I think its a state of mind. Almost everyone in OC is either Conservative or Libertarian where as the opposite is true in LA.
As for the LA Times, they are hated in Orange County because of the Liberal Slant.
Orange County has also resented be Lumped into the LA area. They look at themselves as a completely separate region, that might as well be a million miles away. Most people I know even go as far as refusing to work or party in LA.

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