Why Are Diamonds At The Jewelry Exchange So Cheap?

Why Are Diamonds At The Jewelry Exchange So Cheap?

Why are the diamonds at the Tustin Jewelry Exchange so much cheaper than any other jewelry? Is it the quality?http://www.jewelryexchange.com/category.…
The above is there website… pls advise if you know alot about diamonds.



Hmmmm says:

that is a safe assumption if they don’t give the color,carats or clarity.

bert says:

First and foremost The Jewelry Exchange owns all of their diamonds and PURCHASE DIRECTLY from site holders.

The advantage of owning all of their inventory, is that they are able to cut out the middle men and pass further savings on to the consumer. All diamonds at The Jewelry Exchange are bought in bulk. This allows The Jewelry Exchange to negotiate the best price with the diamond dealer and also allows them to work on a lower margin than most jewelry stores.

Approximately 65% of their diamond inventory gets sent out to highly credited gemological laboratories: GIA, EGL, and AGS for certification. Having your diamond certified is the only way to know the 4 C’s of a diamond. Without a certification, you will not know exactly what flaws are in your diamond.
JEGG, which is on their website refers to Jewelry Exchange Graduate Gemologist, is not a third party grading company so by no means will these diamonds come with a certification. This is used by The Jewelry Exchange to price out diamonds at market value that have not been sent out to be graded. These diamonds are referred to as non-certified diamonds and are usually priced to sell.
In order to get an accurate price comparison with diamonds you need to be sure that all the diamond characteristics match.

Color, Clarity, Cut, Measurements, Fluorescence, Girdle, Depth, Table, Polish.

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