Which Bank Would Be The Best To Open A Saving Account In California In Orange County?

Which Bank Would Be The Best To Open A Saving Account In California In Orange County?

I want to know which bank has the best saving account like the interest, fees, giveaways, hidden fees, hidden items, do you have to have a bank account with them. I just want to know because I am considering to open one immediately and I just want to know. The banks are around me are CitiBank, Bank of America, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, Bank of the West, and much more in the Orange County or Irvine area, but the one listed above are the one I have seen so far or remember them the best. Thanks!



sreesesh says:

Chose the bank which has many branches and ATMs’. Verify how much they are paying interest for the saving acct.

jec0620 says:

Bank of America. As opposed to smaller community banks, they have a budget to do more! they offer free accounts, and competitive rates. I’ve always had a good experience with them.

Doug M says:

There’s very little difference, over the long haul, between them. You don’t want to keep a great deal of money in your savings account anyway (as opposed to higher-yield investments), so just pick one with low fees and lots of ATMs.

MJM says:

Minimal differences between the banks…..unless you are a self-employed business person looking for future loans or you have a LARGE amount of money…then the service are slightly different.
If you have “very little money” and are worried about monthly fees eating away at your “little bits”…..check into a Credit Union that you could qualify for…through being a county resident or employee of a particular company or industry, etc.

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