Where Can I Get Cake Flour?

Where Can I Get Cake Flour?

Where can i get cake flour in California tustin area? New here, would Ralphs store have it i didn’t find it last time i was there. Do bakery shops sell cake flour? How much does it cost?




Dave C says:

Supermarkets carry cake flour. It’s in a box in the Flour/Oil Section.
The brand names are “Swans Down” and “Softasilk”.
Yes, Ralphs, Albersons would carry cake flour.

Petero says:

Interesting question, I like to do a lot of baking, but most of the recipes I use (British), tell you to use ‘self raising flour’. This stuff is almost impossible to get in Canada, so like you I needed to settle for normal cake flour, which I found on the bottom shelf with nearly every type of flour (except self raising’). Last week I went into a supermarket and actually found some British self raising flour! Now I can do some proper baking.

giggling says:

bakery section of a grocery store, sometimes on top shelf with other “specialty” flours. “Swan” is one name brand.

jdecorse says:

I see it in my local grocery store. It should be on the bottom shelf with the rest of the flour.

Miz Lamb says:

Most good grocery stores carry it. Look in the cake mix section. It comes in little 2 pound boxes.
When I had a bakery shop, I didn’t sell cake flour, only baked goods. I guarded my cake flour like it was gold.
All the wholesale houses that sell flour should sell cake flour, but some don’t. What they call cake flour is totally unusable, so be a very good label reader to know that it is or isn’t what you want before you lay out the $$$ for a big bag of it.

♥Kitty14 says:

Cake flour is more delicate and essential for tender cakes. If you can’t find cake flour, use this substitution: 1 cup cake flour (3 3/4 ounce) = 3/4 cup all-purpose flour (3 3/8 ounces), plus 2 tablespoons cornstarch (5/8 ounces)

Iris R says:

I found that many stores don’t carry cake flour anymore. Start asking the manager for it and they might bring it back.
Here is the Swans website:http://www.swansdown.com often they carry a listing on who has their brand in store.

Shelley L says:

Ralphs didn’t ahve it? I’m surprised. A baking store should, yes. I costs a bit more than regualr flour but not that much.


buy it from a bulk store like the bulk barn its not that much mu-la

George says:

look in the baking section of your grocery store

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