Where Can I Get A Knock Off Louis Vuitton In The Orange County Area?

Where Can I Get A Knock Off Louis Vuitton In The Orange County Area?

Im looking for knock off louis vuitton, where can i get one in the orange county area? or where in the santee alleys can i find them?



__A_YAHO says:

You can get one online pretty cheap
The websites are:
They are trusted websites that i trust and have ordered from before:-)

Galinda says:

Why do you want a fake LV bag?
When I first got into LV it crossed my mind to get a fake. But then I thought about it and thought “Who am I trying to be? – am I trying to be someone who can afford something I can’t. If I can afford the real one great – then I’ll get it – but if not I’m not pretending to be something I am not.”
If I carried a fake I would know it was fake and I would feel like a phony. Also I would admit to people it was fake (because I am not a liar) and then what’s the point of having it if I’m not trying to pretend it’s real?

JulieD says:

You can buy REAL Louis Vuitton cheap on eBay athttp://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-…

L.A.Prin says:

You dont see fakes on the street the way you used to. Mostly because the government has really cracked down on it because it is a felony to sell fake designer bags. The only way to get one if you must is to do some research online or if you know someone.

Meghan says:

Don’t ever buy knock offs. They are an insult to the designer and the hard work they put in to offer you quality. They labored for the fashion industry, and buying knock offs is stealing quality work.

fashdiva says:

If you cant afford the real thing, then DONT BUY THE FAKE period

♫Serendi says:

do not buy knockoffs. save up money and buy the real thing.

RS says:

i dont know go to NY

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