Where Can I Get A Free Physical Exam ?

Where Can I Get A Free Physical Exam ?

i never got one before so i want to get one to check some things with my body and see if i have a weak back and stuff i would like to find one in my area in orange county placentia , brea , tustin , state college , fullerton anywere in those areas it has to be a free clinic can you help me please!! thank you



Jeffrey H says:

There are no free doctors unless you like being seen by a vet.
Get a job then apply for benefits and in six months maybe you can
apply with a birth certificate for county health services for a physical.
Shots and medicines are extras so be prepared to pay for boosters
and immunity shots to this year influenza strains.
Oh if your an illegal alien don’t try the emergency rooms they
report you to INS for a ICE sweep pickup. insurance
or a health care plan. They cant be the doctor to the world their isn’t enough time nor funding in place to give away services and use medical facilities cause lights cost money, medicals supplies cost money and the people who dispense health care cost big bucks.
there is no free ride, now if your falling out unconscious or bleeding or cannot breath they may help you but if you have a cold or a flu
they will not see you until there is no work in the e/r and only after all their duties inside the hospital rounds are complete meaning you might be there in the hospital suffering from what ails you or a real long day or two. cheers
Try your local church free clinic services managed by the county social services office every state and county has offices may be state run in some poorer states like Arizona.

Janice says:

in your school, your doctor, or a local doctor.

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