Where Can I Buy High Quality Fireworks In Southern California Close To Orange County?

Where Can I Buy High Quality Fireworks In Southern California Close To Orange County?

I live in Orange county and I want fireworks for the 4 of july. i dont want the “safe” kind you con buy in stands, I want good ones. I heard you could find these fireworks in Indian Reservations and I was wondering where the closest one is.



Anonymous says:

*****Try Morongo between Banning and Palm Springs, but I seriously doubt that you can get them in California! They are illegal, you know.

mortgage underwriter says:

Come over to any Orange County Sheriff station. We’ll show you a good time with the “good” fireworks. We have some in storage.
I hope to see you shooting off any good ones you may be able to purchase. I’ll be on patroll that night.
You won’t be able to purchase any of the “good” ones legally in CA. You may be able to “purchase” some of the “good” ones from one of my undercover brothers. Happy hunting.

Sykoe says:

They are very illegal. I heard there are fines up to $1,000 for having them or something like that…But, oh well. If we can own guns, we should be able to own some colorful dynamite, eh? hah…I’m sorry man, you’re just going to have to be connected through networking with friends/co-workers and see who knows who…You know? But, like that sheriff guy said…Be careful with those undercovers…They always try to ruin someone’s holiday…Happy hunting.

comevuoi says:

After all the fires the past few weeks, I cannot believe anyone would buy or shoot off fireworks in California.

Gato Blak says:

Orange Community bank has a discount booth in our parking lot until friday.
Tell them that Larry referred you and you’ll get an additional 25% off.

me says:

yeah you better watch out for OCSD, they have nothing better to do around here, except bust people for stupid **** !!! Cant even enjoy our american independance day !!! Just my opion, hope no one takes offense.

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