What’s The Best Pizza Place In Orange County, Ca?

What’s The Best Pizza Place In Orange County, Ca?

I like Roma D’Italia in Tustin, but I’m always looking for something better. Any ideas?



qballer1 says:

there’s a place down on balboa peninsula in Newport by the ferry that definitely gives you the most pizza for your money.

princess sparkel says:

gina marias in placentia

ladytc says:

My kitchen.

Anonymous says:

BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria or Oggi’s. Both have limited locations, but make awesome pies!

cm_diane says:

We love Me & Ed’s in Costa Mesa. Thin crust, but not a soggy one… has a little crunch to it. Plus, they deliver!!!!

Betty Good says:

Ditto on gballer1120. Can’t remember the name of that place, but that pizza is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jmskinny says:

To supplement Greg’s post about Oggi’s, there’s an Oggi’s at the Village of Orange, right up Tustin Ave from…er, well, Tustin…
It sounds stupid when you actually say it out loud or write it/type it. 🙂

Sharp Marble says:

when I was growing up it was Lamp Post Pizza.

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