Whats A Good College To Go To In Orange County?

Whats A Good College To Go To In Orange County?

What college would you recommend in Orange County if somebody wanted to be a photographer?



Peedlepu says:

I don’t understand why “Chuckles” was given a “thumbs down” because she is absolutely correct.
When you enter the job market your potential employer really doesn’t care where your degree came from, unless you go into a profession like Law or Medicine where a degree from a prestigious college can advance you. All they care about is that you have one. What your degree demonstrates is that you have the ability to set a goal, then go about achieve it. That’s all employers care about.
If you plan to be self employed as a Photographer no one will ever ask you where your “sheep skin” came from.

Chuckles says:

It does not matter. People do not care where you went to school to take up photography. Besides, with digital cameras so good now, there far fewer jobs for photographers now and the number is falling fast.
Do understand that BA degrees seldom lead to a job.

sanbarto says:

I know that there is an Art Institute in Santa Ana, they have the Digital Photography Associate program. You can also check out Saddleback College in Mission Viejo.

Lauren C says:


Arebeldi says:

ooops my bad.
i thought u said orange county, florida.

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