What Percentage Of A Persons Sentence Is Usually Served In Orange County, Ca Jail?

What Percentage Of A Persons Sentence Is Usually Served In Orange County, Ca Jail?

I know in different counties people generally serve only a percentage of their sentence while in jail. I was wondering if anyone knows what this is for the Mens Central jail in Orange County, California. Thanks!!



mrg5150 says:

As a former Orange County, CA Sheriff’s Deputy, I can tell you that it’s not the location of a particular jail that determines what portion of a sentence is served…it’s the judge and District Attorney.
Now…if there is overcrowding, and this has happened before, then the Sheriff, the DA and the court system gets together and tries to figure out if there is anything they can do to alleviate the conditions. Sometimes, that means some inmates in the jail have their sentences reduced, moved to a different facility — like “The Farm” or other facilities.

smithp says:

As the previous person said, it is not the location of the jail that determines the sentence.
However, if you are asking what time people get out, often people get what is called “goodtime” credit, i.e. time off for good behavior. In California county jails, good time credit is 1/3. So, you actually do only 2/3 of your sentence if you follow all the rules and don’t lose your credits for fighting, not following the rules, having contraband, etc.
So, if you were sentenced to 60 days in custody and never had any time accrued for the case for being booked, and you followed all the rules, you’d get out in 40 days.
Often times, county jails also have work release programs that a person can apply for from within. My county calls it “sheriff’s work project.” There is an application fee for it, you must not have a history of violence against police and you must also pay a daily fee.
If you are interested in finding out when a particular person’s projected release date is, you can contact the jail they’re housed at. Some jails even have websites with this information.

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