What Is The Worst Restaurant You’ve Ever Been To In Los Angeles County Or Orange County?

What Is The Worst Restaurant You’ve Ever Been To In Los Angeles County Or Orange County?

What is the worst restaurant you’ve ever been to in Los angeles county or orange county and why? Best answer will be posted on my website www.hungrysavings.com



gaby says:

Well it is not a restaurant but it has to do with food.
A while back my boyfriend and I went out to a 7/11 to get the sunday paper around 2 am. So we wanted a snack and we wanted a hot dog. So we tell the guy to give us 2. So when I’m putting the mayo on it. I had put relish, tomatoes, unions and mustard on it. So some mayo squirted on my hand and i liked a little bit and it tasted rancid.
I told the guy the mayo is bad man. He started yelling at me saying that i was a liar. I told him that i wasn’t going to pay for it. So he got mad and as we are getting our paper together he wipes the winnie with a napkin and puts it back on the thing that keeps the winnie’s hot. YUCK! This was the one in North Hollywood on saticoy and lankershim.

hatoriha says:

one of the worst places I’ve eaten was at the Denny’s in Santa Monica, I think it’s on Lincoln Blvd, anyways, I swear to go the food they were serving were those microwaveable dinners from Banquet, I ordered a chicken patty melt, they brought it to me still frozen with the exact same cobbler and corn the Banquet meal has, no kidding! and when I told the manager and showed him that my food was still frozen he threw a ***** fit, he was one of those mad gay guys who spouts out at the world for nothing!
Another horrible place I ate was at Todai in Studio City, I was there with a couple of friends who were visiting and we were all shocked when one of the cooks who was preparing the food was sneezing, coughing, and cleaning his spit off his face with his bare hands, then continued working on the food, and like 20 other people saw this, when we told the manager she just shrugged! I was so disappointed and furious because it’s not like Todai is cheap, is an expensive place to eat at!

grand lake bum says:

I found a pube on my hot dog at the same 7/11, the guy said he wouldn’t charge me for it. So I put some kind of runny white sauce on it and chowed down.

GiraffeB says:

Norm’s in San Gabriel. Never liked anything there for dinner. Thankfully, it’s closed for good.

julez says:

I cant think of bad places but I can think of a lot of great places!! If you want a list of good places I can add quite a few.

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