What Is The Property Tax Rate In Tustin, Ca?

What Is The Property Tax Rate In Tustin, Ca?

in calif, the property tax rate is 1% of the purchase price, plus some bond payments for state, county, and local bonds.
the tax can be raised something like 1-2% annually.
however, if you own the house long enough, and property values increase, your taxes stay about the same.
what that means is that over time, you pay less tax than the new people moving in next to you.
and cities and towns have a hard time paying for city services, such as schools, police, fire, parks, etc.
calif used to have the best schools in the nation.
now they’re down in the bottom quartile.
there are some towns where the schools are good, but that’s because they’ve passed measures to tax themselves more, to pay for those schools.
one might also note that the property taxes are collected by the state, and doled out again, so that communities with high house values get, in many cases, less per student, than communities with low tax income.



linlyons says:

Usually CA property tax is slightly above 1%.
Now depending on certain newer communities who have an extra component called “Mello-Roos” which could take it a bit above 1%. But even with this extra component, its usually below 1.25 %.
BTW: Tustin has fairly new communities – which could have mello roos tax.

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