What Is The Coldest Month In Orange County Ca?

What Is The Coldest Month In Orange County Ca?

I would like to plan a semi winter themed wedding. The problem is that I recently moved to Orange County CA, and it doesnt get very cold here. What is the coldest month in Orange County so I can atleast plan around a somewhat chilly month?



kiwibob7 says:

If you want it to be chilly, have your wedding near the coast; it is much cooler by the water, especially towards nighttime. It gets pretty warm inland!
It’s never gonna get really cold in Orange County, where the weather is great year-round. Try and find a time during the winter when all your friends and family will have free time to attend, not when it’s gonna be the coldest!

Hillary says:

Um, I would say the coldest month is probably February. And by “cold,” I mean that you would wear a sweatshirt with your sandals. If you were on the beach and the wind off of the ocean was really strong.
If you really want to have snow and winter themes, I would recommend going to Big Bear or Idylwild area, or even the tramway in Palm Springs (gorgeous place to get married!). It gets nice and cold and snowy up there, and it’s like an hour or two away from Orange County.

Blossomo says:

It varies. I’d say January or February will be the coldest, but sometime March. The good news is, it never gets *really* cold. My brother got married at the end of January in 2004, and it was probably 60 during the day, and in the 40s in the evening.

jalient2 says:

december just get ac and turn it down really low

vera says:

feb i think too

☼☼sunny_ says:

It does not get cold at all. Really. I would say Feb. or Jan. December is okay but not real chilly. But winter is December so you can do it then too!

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