What Is The Best Way For Me To Commute To The Usmle Step 2 Cs Center In La (near Lax) From Tustin?

What Is The Best Way For Me To Commute To The Usmle Step 2 Cs Center In La (near Lax) From Tustin?

My exam is next week, I just arrived in this country today : ) Need help learning the metro fast! I have to be there by 8 am on a tuesday morning, and I really prefer not to stay in a hotel. Thank you!



JeffeVer says:

Take the MetroLink train to downtown L.A., and then the Metro Rail system to El Segundo.
Catch the MetroLink at the Tustin station at Jamboree and Edinger, just south of the 5 freeway. This will get you to Union Station in downtown L.A. Hang on to your MetroLink ticket, as it’s good for the transfer to the MetroRail system.
At Union Station, transfer to the Red Line, (follow the signs, it’s a bit of a walk through the terminal), and take the Red Line to the 7th St station (it’s only a few blocks). At the 7th St station, transfer to the Blue Line and take it to the Imperial/Wilmington station, where you’ll transfer to the Green Line (you’d think they would have made it easier to get from downtown to the airport). The Green Line will take you to El Segundo, where you’ll exit at the Nash/Mariposa station. From there, it’s 2 (long) blocks to Pacific Towers where the test is being administered. You *might* find a taxi waiting at the Nash station – but I wouldn’t count on it – best to plan on walking – it’s about a half mile.
You can get the MetroLink schedule here-http://www.metrolinktrains.com/
and the MetroRail schedule here-http://metro.net
The MetroRail trip planner recommends taking a bus from Union Station to the Green Line. Times are about the same as Red-to-Blue-to-Green — I just prefer taking the trains — I find it much more conducive to getting work (or last minute cramming) done on the ride.

JeffeVer… says:

I work at LAX and would be happy to try and help you, but I do not know what USMLE means. Could you please add it to your questions?

kingsley says:

Good luck! You know it’s probaly going to take a couple hours. Are you sure you don’t want to stay in a hotel nearby? I would be much too nervouse that the train might be delayed, or I would miss a connection, or just get lost. I would feel much better staying close by at a hotel, and there are plenty around LAX.
Check out http://www.mta.net to learn the system.
To save some time, you might be able to catch the LAX flyaway shuttle from Union Station, which goes directly from Union Station to the airport. The cost is $3 until July 1, when it changes to $4.
Good luck!

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