What Is A Website That Tells Me Info On Tattoo Artisits In Orange County?

What Is A Website That Tells Me Info On Tattoo Artisits In Orange County?

I’m looking for some background on tattoo artist in orange county. Like how good they are?If their better at color or black and white? How much they charge? Just the basics.
If you could give me a link to the website that would be great.
Thanks in advance. 🙂

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ѕραяяσω ۞۞۞۞۞ says:

If I knew what area in Orange County(if you’re talking about California) I could help out. I’m in California. You won’t find what you’re looking for on the web, but I do know of some great shops in the state that I would highly recommend. You should post your location.

Inksling says:

Well, to be truthful, if you want to find out if any complaints have been lodged, and against which artist in whatever studio you want to look at, to get an idea of it’s track record, simply call the Better Business Breau, I’m sure they also have an online website that can help you. It’s good judgement to pick a studio that’s been in business a long time, and has a clean track record. What you’re asking about, the artist’s skill, you can see for yourself. You can go to a studio, and check out portfolios, some artists put ’em online, some don’t, just depends on who it is. Most tattoo studios charge $100 an hour, give or take twenty, but you get a better deal by getting a package deal… a blanket price on the tattoo, regardless of the time spent on it. Especially with large pieces, or sleeves. (Orange County in Cali or Orange County in Florida?)

Chels Alanna says:

I’m unable to find any sites that have a list of tattoo artists.
I think the best way to find a good artist is to ask someone (friend, family, class-mate) that has a similar tattoo (color, size and difficulty) where did they get their tattoo, how much did it cost, and other stuff.

Justin F says:

The only really good way to gauge the best artist for you is to actully go to the shops/parlors and talk to the artist and see their porfollios.. Just see if you feel comfortable with them and who “fits” you best.. Goning online only goes so far because you can post your best work and not know them personally…

Godfish says:

Hope this helps! good luck with your ink!

Anonymous says:

if youre talking cali, you can email me and I can recommend some good places….im local

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