What Interesting Places To Visit In Orange County?

What Interesting Places To Visit In Orange County?

Okay so Im going to go to Orange County, California for a week and Im wondering if there are any very interesting sites which I should visit?



Amallay says:

All of San Clemente, and there is this italian restaurant there called Sonny’s the best food ever. Laguna Beach has a lot of artsy stuff like museums and art galleries, Irvine Spectrum if you want to go shopping or go see a movie its one of my favorite places, Huntington Beach the pier its very beautiful there. but places i wouldnt recommend is Santa Ana or Garden Grove or Anaheim that general area.

kavekars says:

The best one would the the Republican Party Orange
County Headquarters where they are almost always astonished to see any of the little people walking in.
Be sure to grease the palms with one dollar just to see
if Abraham Lincoln or Susan B. Anthony is recognized.
Next best are the vast acres of concrete and asphalt so
lately occupied by California fruit orchards that have all
been displaced to Arizona and New Mexico. Soak it up. Better yet, why bother?
All of Orange County exists due largely to imported water.
Don’t forget to drink a glass. God knows where it came
from but it wasn’t Orange County.
Due to bad investments the County was bankrupt years
ago. This no doubt explains the sparse civic improvements since then so please excuse anything dusty or slipshod.

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