What Happened To Lori From Real Housewives Of Orange County ?

What Happened To Lori From Real Housewives Of Orange County ?

A few years ago we moved into a hick town that didnt offer Bravo on the cable line up…so…im lost when it comes to getting back into the real housewives of orange county ! I know that Jo and Slade split up but what happened to Lori ? I need a hardcore fan to fill me in please….



Hummingb says:

Well Lori got married to a rich man named George who has like 4 kids of his own, they moved into a house together with all the kids. Loi decided to leave mid season to spend more time with th family but in my opinion it seem like she left cuz she was over the catiness and drama and now that she is financially stable she didn’t want to deal with the show. Jo and Slade split up a while ago, Jo is into singing and was shown on the previous season working with Slade on a new music video (but they are strictly friends). Vicki was being hr crazy loud self, she was working alot and basically didn’t pay attention to her husband to much. She kept compalining last season ow he doesn’t fill her love tank anymore. Tamra was pretty much the same, she continues to try to make somethingout of her douchebag son. Jeana was going through a divorce, it was sad to see how crappy her husband would treat her and finally he moved out and she slowly tried to move on. She worked on losing weight as well as dating a little here and there. Two new housewives have entered the picture, first is
Gretchen, shes the pretty blonde who dates the older gentleman named Jeff. Unfortunately he had leukemia which was shown in the last season and slowly his condition got worse and eventually he died after filming the first season. Lastly theres Lynn who started the group only knowing gretchen, vicky and tamra last season were really rough on her and didnt give her much room to talk. Lynn is the sweet but airheaded one who is obsessed with staying young. She has two daughters who walk all over her as well as a cool jewelry line she came up with. Well thats it so far let me know if u need a recap of this season 🙂

Danielle says:

I love that show, its so entertaining! But Lori left in the middle of the season last year because she feels she needs to just be with her family. She got married to a great man named George Peterson, and they now have a large family (eight kids I believe), and lori’s only son is still in and out of juvi/jail because of his drug issues. I hope this helped!

Britney says:

she is awesome

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