What Can Be Done To Lessen A Domestic Violence(pending) Charge In California.?

What Can Be Done To Lessen A Domestic Violence(pending) Charge In California.?

My fiance & I were arguing in public,outside a restaurant in Tustin, California. He pushed me. I fell down. 3 seperate witnesses called the police. I was not hurt. It was all a misunderstanding. We had been drinking, we were loud, and the “push” was intended for me to go home, not to fall down. That isn’t to say that my fiance was not agitated. It seems that what I know to be true doesn’t matter to anyone. Can anyone give helpful advise as to how this can be presented and understood for what it is. An argument, a misunderstanding and not an act of a violent criminal. It seems that the state of California has a legistated approach to this situation that varies greatly from other, more reasonable, states. If you can offer assistance under the strictest enforcement, please write to me right away.
Sleepless in Santa Ana



Jan says:

Don’t make excuses for an act of violence. There is no excuse for someone to put there hands on you,drinking,misunderstanding,whatever. The attack was obviously worse than you portray it if three separate people thought it warranted calling the police. Once the police are involved,what you have to say doesn’t matter. The court system is aware that women usually change their mind about violence against them. You are not the one that is pressing the charges,the authorities are.
I’ve been where you are now,making excuses. An abuser never changes. He put his hands on you once,he will do it again and it will increase in severity.
I know what I say isn’t what you want to hear,I didn’t want to hear it either. It is hard to realize the person you love isn’t who you thought they were. If someone loves you,they don’t abuse you. That little shove was his way of letting you know who the boss is and was done to intimidate you.
He will say it will never happen again,but it will. Alcohol only increases the violence. Please think about this seriously before there are children involved who will have to be witness to violence in the home.
Look at the big picture. Were there other times that he was “agitated”? How did he react in those situations?
I only mean to help,as someone who has been there.


Make a credible narration of facts showing that there was no crime committed but only a misunderstanding. Present this statement as an answer to the charge so that the accusations against you will be disproved and the case be terminated.

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