What Are Some Good Prom Locations In The Los Angeles/orange County Area?

What Are Some Good Prom Locations In The Los Angeles/orange County Area?

Im in the sophomore council of my school and we plan the prom of the class ahead of us. Our school has a contract with a prom planning company but their help has been terrible. I need help finding good prom location in the Los Angeles/Orange County area ASAP. Please no hotels.
*It doesn’t have to be a low budget venue.



Obviousm says:

Try some local Country Clubs and Yacht Clubs. (Wilshire Country Club, La Canada Country Club, etc). They have very nice facilities.
Last year, someone wrote a question about Santa Anita in Arcadia; I checked them out, and they are very good, too.
Sinc you mentioned OC, I HAVE to mention the Anaheim Convention Center, and the Downtown Disney Resort (Not just the hotel there, but many of the restaurants there have large private banquet areas, like Naples and Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.
Good luck!

bonesiow says:

THe queen mary is overrated. i mean,…its nice but i have something about low ceilings when the place is suppose to be grand. my senior class had our prom at the Long Beach Aquarium, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! theres a life size blue whale above the dance floor with 3 to 5 story aquariums for walls. seriosly, try to get that venue. you will be praised

Traveler says:

The Queen Mary is always cool and hosts events like this all the time. There are several Yacht clubs in the area that will support proms as well and this is kind of cool because a nautical theme always works. Depending on your class size you could also charter a large boat. many are available and this keeps everyone together and helps with saftey etc.
Hope that helps a little.

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