Road Trip Ideas Leaving From Orange County?

Road Trip Ideas Leaving From Orange County?

I’m planning a road trip for sometime this winter with my boyfriend. We currently reside in orange county, ca and I’m having trouble thinking of cool spots to see in surrounding states. We are both in our early 20’s and are looking for some nice things to see and activities to do while road tripping. We don’t want to be on the trip for more than a week. If anyone has any ideas of road trip ideas please let me know!



m w says:

You can drive East to the Grand Canyon.. or
you can drive North all the way to Crater Lake (and national park) in Oregon. It’s a beautiful drive to get there and the lake is very beautiful as well.
On the way to Oregon, you can drive along PCH-1 to see Big Sur, stop at San Francisco, go to places like Point Reyes, visit the Giant Redwoods, etc.. and after visiting Crater Lake, head west and you can also drive along the Oregon Coast. It’s awesome.……

idahotaz says:

I’d like to mount a campaign to encourage people not to go anywhere. Travel has become so expensive and unpleasant that it’s hard to understand why people don’t stay home.
Why are we crowding our highways and airports to get someplace else? Newspapers and magazines are filled with ads trying to get us to travel. They want us to go somewhere – anywhere but home.

Orlando Rays says:

Las Vegas. Just go up I-15.

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