Places To Live In Orange County?

Places To Live In Orange County?

I am moving from AZ to Orange County. I saw couple of apartments in Fountain valley, Tustin, Laguna hills. As usual the model apartments looked very good, but when I saw their reviews on it was horrible. My questions is can I find a decent locality / apartment (1-bedroom) for less than $1200? If you like where you are living please email me at



onechase says:

$1200 should get you a pretty decent 1 bedroom in a nice location in Orange County. It’s hard to tell you where to look without more information, but Tustin and Laguna Hills are nice places to live. I’m less enthused about Fountain Valley. Also nice is the South Coast Metro area (actually in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana). Irvine, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach are all very desirable and if you can find places for your rental range (possible, but you’ll get less for your money) they should go to the top of your list. If you have kids, spend extra money to live in Irvine. The schools are the best in Orange County.
One thought about apartment rating websites– I’m not going to defend bad landlords, but I think most of the people who actually post on those websites have axes to grind. They’re probably telling you the truth about their experiences, but residential living is highly subjective and you really don’t know what each person’s expectations really were. Someone from Manhattan might find an apartment spacious and quiet, while a transplant from Kansas might find it confining and loud. Just take everything you hear with a grain of salt.
Try rather than searching for apartments on the internet. Small landlords and property managers don’t run snazzy websites, and often you’ll get better value.

hermosab says:

I would come out and tour the apartments before you move in. Website photos can sometimes be deceiving. Also do you know what city you are working in? Those 3 cities are not next to each other, so you might want to consider the commute to and from work.
There are plenty of nice 1 bedroom apartments for $1200 in OC. Take a look at craigslist that should be a good start for you.
Good Luck 🙂

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