Making Plans After Highschool, Need Colleges By Distance?

Making Plans After Highschool, Need Colleges By Distance?

My friends and I are thinking of living together after high school. However, I don’t want to make extended plans of living together only to discover I don’t like any of the schools within a reasonable driving distance.
So would anyone be able to supply me with a map that shows just colleges in the Southern California area? All colleges, from community to university. We would be living in the Tustin, Santa Ana, Irvine area of Southern California, so if anyone knows of any colleges within a decent driving distance of that area off the top of their heads, it would also be greatly appreciated.



Kenblack says:…
You’ll be able to pick the state, money and other options here and even the amount of miles from your zipcode that you want to.

drip says:

Shouldn’t you go about this the other way. Find a college that is right and the best one for you, then plan on where to live.

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