Light the Night

Light the Night

Even though this is a Tustin blog, this event had to mentioned. It is located in Santa Ana, but those of you who have been around for a while know that un-incorporated Santa Ana is part of Tustin too. So with that said, Calvary Church of Santa Ana has a fabulous even every year on Halloween. It is the one place you can take your kids and know the candy is safe and the fun is 100%.

Here is a link to last years Light the Night because there are some great pictures on the web site. Over 5000 people came to Calvary Church. There were hundreds of people who volunteered to serve at Light the Night and hundreds more who donated all the supplies needed for this incredible community outreach.

You may be asking What is Light the Night

Light the Night is a bridge building event designed to open the campus to the community. When people are looking for a church home they will remember Calvary Church and the acceptance and love they felt. Their specific intent having the event on October 31st each year is to provide a safe alternative to Trick or Treating and other Halloween activities. This event is free to the public. They want every child to be able to attend. This is also a reason they do not promote or encourage costumes. This event is free (except for Food sales and this is very nominal).



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