Is The Old Marine Corps Air Station In Tustin Abandoned?

Is The Old Marine Corps Air Station In Tustin Abandoned?

I have lived in Santa Ana, CA my whole life and as a kid I always passed by that old base and never saw any activity on it. I have heard from some that it is abandoned and I have wanted to go and explore it. The thing is I dont want to go, hop over a fence and end up being arrested by the government. So is there anybody here that has been there? Does anybody know if it is truly abandoned? [What I mean by abandoned is that the government does not use it anymore]



desertvi says:

It’s closed. So is MCAS El Toro, Naval Station Long Beach, Naval Hospital Long Beach and most of the Seal Beach Weapons Station.
But, until the undergo civilian conversion, they are still covered by Title 19 U.S. Code and you could get arrested for trespass.


You’re talking about MCAS El Toro, that was disestablished during the Clinton years as part of the BRAC that democrats put together. The base was turned over to the city of Tustin as part of it’s closure.

Wayne C says:

Same as most other closed facilities, it is a mix of things now.
I went there a couple times in the late 80’s. I recall the main gate was off Red Hill.

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