Is Orange County The Richest Place On Earth?

Is Orange County The Richest Place On Earth?

I’ve heard orange county is ridiculously rich and everyone is white republicans. I want to move there one day because it seems so high class and glamarous. How rich do you have to be to live there?



Sara L says:

Yes there are a lot of Republicans. In fact, its the most Republican county in the country with 60% of the population (to give an example, when I was in high school, I was the ONLY Democrat in my AP Government class of 20 students). However, you definitely don’t have to be rich to live there (in several cities the average household income is under $50,000) and the population is diverse (30% Hispanic and 14% Asian).
Don’t believe everything you see on television.

Paris Hilton says:

Actually the county with the highest income is Fairfax, Virginia.
That’s where people who work for the Federal Government live..

D H says:

No, Orange County is not the richest place on earth. Wealthy people in the world live in countries with more favorable tax codes.
Irvine, CA a city in Orange County was named the richest city in America 2007. There are many zip codes in the OC that even out perform the City of Irvine. I believe NYC has the highest number of old rich with names you read about in history books.

KTK says:

I’m from Orange County, and I’m neither rich nor a Republican. There are a lot of moneyed people in certain parts of OC, but there are also some really bad areas like Anaheim (Anacrime), Garden Grove (Garbage Grove), and Santa Ana. And, by the way, the money does NOT make it a high-class place. I have met more rich, appallingly tacky, classless, vulgar people from Laguna, Newport and Coto than I can count.

Carlisle says:

No, far from it. Have you been watching too much TV again? And what makes you think rich is high class? Get the two unlinked in your brain RIGHT NOW!!! lol — When you have lived longer, you will realize they are not the same, not at all.
Anyway, Orange County is a mixed bag and has all kinds of areas and income levels. Turn off the tube!

Anonymous says:

Its very overrated and the media completly ovr glamorizes Orange County. As a former resident, I now for a fact that there are poor, homeless people all around, trashy beaches, and trailer parks. Yes there are big homes but there are also many average homes. Dont move to California…. unless you love pollution.

copestir says:

No it is not rich at all. although the folks from Newport beach would like to think they were. Check out Placentia, Anahiem, Huntington Beach and Santa Ana. Fullerton has some very affordable places. I have relatives that live in Irvine and they are not rich.

Obviousm says:

Far from it. However, there are a lot of white republicans in the OC. And a lot of Latinos. And Asians. Basically, it’s not all THAT glam. It’s nice, though. Not as crowded as LA County. For example, you don’t have to pay to park everywhere you go.

JoAnNa says:

No. It’s just like LA county. You have your rich, good, ok, and just bad area’s. Have you ever been to orange county. No not everyone in orange county is white. The truth is the majority is hispanic. As you can see the certain areas of orange that have rich folks are mostly small communities. And No you don’t have to be rich to live here.

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