Im Turning 21 Soon , Whats A Good Place To Eat In So Cal ?

Im Turning 21 Soon , Whats A Good Place To Eat In So Cal ?

anywhere in between fountain valley , costa mesa , tustin or orange
i just want to have a good fun bday , getting smashed … and have friends t hat are 21 to enjoy also



xxsanxx says:

##come to india##

duhblond says:

HOOTERS!!! lol just kidding, well actually maybe not.. I hear they have really good buffalo wings…
on my 21st my family took me out to Black Angus (really bomb-a$$ food), right off the 405 freeway in Fountain Valley.. but to be honest, it is much better to do the dinner thing seperate from the drinking and getting loud thing…
Do dinner seperate from drinking… I mostly did the drinking down on Balboa Island, which has Sharkees, Mutt Lynch’s and few others… great people, fun atmosphere and they make sure to test you (ask you where you are and if you know where you live) after you have had a few to make sure you don’t completely overdue it.
I would say that was the best 21st I ever had (and I only had one lol)
and please PLEASE please remember that the MOTTO is not true… doesn’t matter if it’s liquor before beer you are in the clear or beer before liquor couldn’t make you sicker… THEY BOTH MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE CRAP
and remember to buy gatorade (the orange or red kind) so the next morning you can get some of your electrolytes back and you won’t have such a bad hangover

SGPearlG says:

maki maki in irvine at the spectrum.. what i wouldnt give to be eating there right now

Moon says:

EATING?!? Who wants to eat on thier 21st birthday? You should be asking for a good bar, club, or concert to go to. Oh well, have a happy birthday, I know I will next year…

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