I Want A Chihuahua. Where To Find One?

I Want A Chihuahua. Where To Find One?

I want a short haired (preferably) tan, female chihuahua. I looked on Petfinder but couldn’t find one… Do you know of any websites that are also shelters? Where I could look at the dogs? Also, if I cannot find one at a shelter, where else would you recommend I get one?
I live in Orange CA.
I can go to shelters in Orange, Tustin, Santa Ana, and Riverside.
Thanks for any help.



Angry Y!A Nerd, Meaghan Edwards says:

There are 7,896+ Chihuahuas listed in Petfinder.
Here’s what I came up with for Riverside, CA on Petfinder:http://www.petfinder.com/search/search.c…
There is also:http://www.dogsindanger.orghttp://www.petharbor.comhttp://www.adoptapet.comhttp://www.chihuahua-rescue.com/http://www.chihuahuarescue.com/
Mangoo Splash, you never, EVER get a dog from a pet store!http://www.prisonersofgreed.orghttp://www.awarenessday.comhttp://www.petstorecruelty.org
*~~If you’re interested in adopting a dog but live too far away, there is often the option of having a dog transported to you/closer to you. Google “dog rescue transportation.”~~*

BBQ'd Pomchi.. YUM YUM! says:

Didnt you ask this last nite? I did find a few tan, shorthaired female Chi’s in your area on petfinder.
Its going to take some time to find what you are looking for.. you will have to be diligent.. and also keep emailing shelters and rescues.. even if you find a Chi rescue in CA, many larger rescues will do transport if you are at least willing to meet part way.
Try to consider a male Chi, or another color too.. if you’re going to be particular about color and sex, it may take longer.
The Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie will spark alot of people to run out and purchase Chi pups.. most of which well end up dumped in shelters eventually.. if you are patient, you’ll be able to scoop up exactly what you want.

Reena says:

Just open up your local newspaper and check out the ads for
Pets…. you live in an area where Chi’s are abundand and usually advertised in the paper. Or check with a local vet. They might be able to refer you to a reputable breeder that uses the vet for shots, etc.
Beware of “online” ads…. you could end up sending money and not getting a dog at all or the dog doesn’t look like the one in the picture.
The best thing to do is to find them close by so that you can visit and see the pups for yourself….

Amy P says:

Yeah first look at all the shelters. Remember it might take a few months for the perfect dog to come along. A reputable breeder would be a second choice but make sure they don’t breed a whole bunch of other dogs too. They’re most likly back yard breeders. Just avoid pet stores at all costs! petfinder.com also has dogs that need new homes. You could try there. Good Luck and remember chihuahuas are dogs too not just purse ornaments!

Red Rover says:

Well you can look in your local shelters. Shelters are generally overflowed with dogs, and don’t have the time to post up all the dogs they have on petfinder. If you go to your local shelters, I guarantee you will find many chihuahuas there.http://pets911.comhttp://www.rescuers.com/index.htmhttp://www.akc.org/breeds/rescue.cfmhttp://petharbor.com

♥♥hєs hєr drug &&shєs addictєd♥™ says:

Here is a good website:http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/
And here: (the name is fun to type lol)http://orangecounty.kijiji.com/
Please, keep looking in shelters because there are wonderful souls waiting to be adopted, and does it really matter what color it is? (I don’t mean to come off as rude tho lol)

Twistedx says:

My shelter gets dogs coming and going so fast that sometimes they don’t make it to petfinder. I would call around your local shelters and actually ask if they have any, we get a couple from time to time in at mine. 🙂

Nikki C. says:

animal shelters,craigs list,rescued animals,newspaper,internet…
there is bunches and bunches of places you can fined cute sweet and healthy chihuahuas!!!!!!

Lizzii says:

Check http://www.craigslist.com, search for breeders, look for signs for “free puppies” in your vet and see if they have Chihuahuas or just wait for one to show up at the pond.

No name says:

Hello, Have you tried the OC shelter on city drive or the shelter on PCH. I would also check with vets some of them will have a list of breed rescue dogs up for adoption.

Nancy.. formerly known as Chee.. says:

Here is my little love chop.. Jack born 2-13-2006.. he runs the house… http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2106/2256…

Anonymous says:

go to google and type in chihuahua breeders or also type in orange county humane society’s to save one

Marie G says:

there are chihuahua rescue centers

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Mangoo Splash says:

hey i live down the street in Orange County 🙂 . cool! theres some1 on here that lives like right by me. hmmm i think should try animal shelters, and the pet shop! at the westminister mall! its called barkworks

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taco bell

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