I Know This Isnt The Right Section But Who Here Is From Cali??

I Know This Isnt The Right Section But Who Here Is From Cali??

did anyone feel the earthquake?? im from tustin and yeah it was crazy
also do you think it would be better with ochoa on the cover with the mexican jersey or americas jersey??



carlos91 says:

wow, i’m in liberal, Kansas and never felt an earthquake, be careful or you will be in the news

ticallio says:

i live in cali, but people are way to “surprised” that we had an earthquake they made a huge deal about it on TV! jeez people we live in a state with the most earthquakes each year…i think you should be used to it…
If it HAS to be Ochoa, which it is, of course with the mexico jersey


Im from there but my tia lives there in san fernando and called and said if we felt it (i live in vegas) and no we didn’t feel it.
My tia is okay though, the news said tht this could be a warning for a bigger earthquake. I hope my tia stays okay.

Sergio~El AzulKrema says:

I live in Cali like 20 min away from LA Downtown and I felt it, I was sleeping and my room and bed started to shake, but I didn’t pay much attention to it and just went back to sleep.
Memo Ochoa with Mexico’s Jersey.

D.P. RIP Antonio De Nigris says:

i’m from south cali, like 30 minutes from downtown LA.
yes, i felt it. i was talking to my friend on the phone and playing ninja gaiden 2 when it happened. creepy stuff.
the mexico jersey, but the black one. that one is ballin’.

SouL For REAl says:

I was at the sixth floor at some job interview in paramount the building started moving from side to side ppl started panicing* it was kinda funny but scarry at the same time but no major damages!!..
mexican jersey..!!

Anonymous says:

Yeah i felt it i was crazy i was in youtube and all of a sudden everything started shaking….Im from Baldwin Park like 15-20 from Downtown LA…
He should have the black jersey from America or the light blue one

Life is amazing! says:

Im live in Dallas, but my friend is right now visiting her family in LA and she told me over the phone that she got really scared.
Memo with the Seleccion Mexicana jersey ofcourse!!!!!

The Roc 10 Blanco says:

I live in Ventura county I felt it. I rather see Ochoa in an America jersey.

alfredoa says:

I live in Los Angeles
i felt that ****
it was crazy
good thing there wasnt any significant damage to anything in southern cali

USC Trojan says:

i think that the final Cover will have Ochoa wearing his black Mexico kit, yeah i felt the earth quake, my class shook. From Orange County.

. says:

Nope.i Live in Central Cali..didnt feel anything.
he looks better with the mexico jersey but ronaldinho again?

Marco says:

i live in Califronia i felt the earthquake we were in class and everyone couldn’t belive it had happened

Jasmine says:

Mexican jersery


the america jersey

Chris EL Chiva Barca 49 says:

I had just got home from the store and Had just got in the shower then I felt it and got my shorts and broke outside

Soy mexicano says:

im from Los. but no i did not feel it cause i now live in vegas but i like earthquakes lol not so big though..

Anonymous says:

haha yea i felt it in simi valley
and my friend said he felt it in oxnard
like 60 miles from LA

.Fer says:

It would be better if he was with the NEW Mexico goalie kit.

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