I Have Heard That Coffee Is Bad For Us Because It Has Acid.?

I Have Heard That Coffee Is Bad For Us Because It Has Acid.?

But a lady nutritionist in Tustin, Ca. says that if we put 1 Tbsp. cream in it, it cuts the acid. Do you agree?
Has anyone ever heard of that before?
Do you have to have your java in the morning? Or do you drink it all throughout the day?
And would you stop drinking coffee if it turned out to be bad for you?



Moxie says:

Some people are beginning to think that are diet should lean to to less acidic side and more on the alkaline side. They believe cancer grows in a more acid environment.
This is only a theory, and more research needs to be done to see if it has any validity. The cancer theory was tested in a test tube.
It is a fact that the body will stabilize its acid and alkaline levels, or we could die when ever we eat an acid food or an alkaline based food. The body is not strong enough to deal in a normal way with poisons. That is why they are poisonous to us.
Coffee has been safely consumed for a long time. They have found in some resent studies that coffee has anti cancer properties.
That being said, if you prefer not to drink the coffee’s with more acid, they are making coffee’s with less acid in them. Why would they do this, because people will buy it.
I personally don’t drink coffee and I find it upsets my heart. It effects some people this way. This has nothing to do with the acidity but the caffeine levels. At any rate, I am sure you would be fine to have one cup a day, if you can handle the caffeine.

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