I Got A Redlight Ticket By Camera And Am Fighting It. I Will Request Witness From Camera Co. Any Ideas?

I Got A Redlight Ticket By Camera And Am Fighting It. I Will Request Witness From Camera Co. Any Ideas?

I am located in Tustin, CA where I was ticketed. The redlight ticket camera company is located in Arizona but to view photos is to be view in San Diego at police dept. What steps to I take to fight this? I am hoping witness from camera company does not show up and my case will be dropped.
*** what questions should I ask?



Marvin the Martian says:

Hand it over to a traffic lawyer, they specialize in this stuff.

An excellent advice giver says:

When you get a ticket in the mail it SHOULD have the picture of the person behind the wheel who was running the redlight. If they sent you a real ticket then you should be able to see who was driving. You shouldnt have to go anywhere to “view it”.
Say that in court. Ask them “where is the copy of the picture of whom ran the redlight, because it wasnt me”
Did you lend your car to someone else? They send the ticket to whomever the car is registered to, not to the person behind the wheel if it isnt the person who is registered on the car.
Example: Your sister drives the car and runs a redlight. Well the ticket would come to you.

r1b1c* says:

What purpose could having somebody from the camera manufacturing company could possibly have? The camera took a picture, it is the picture that you need to fight, unless you can prove that the camera somehow put you in somebody else’ place that makes no sense.

Hertha says:

There is no way out of it because it says only that your car went through the light and you can’t prove otherwise. It shows the car registered to you at the light and after the light still red. All is going to happen is they will tack on a court cost as a surcharge to the fine, costing you more.

tut says:

A traffic lawyer can, and will, beat any photo ticket. They are pretty much unenforceable, since they can’t prove it was you driving at the time.

Sultan 'O Schadenfreude says:

Fight the power! Good luck!

M&T says:


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