How Much Do A Dozen Roses Cost?

How Much Do A Dozen Roses Cost?

i live in tustin california and theres a flower shop nearby but ive never stopped and looked is it cheaper in other stores



mrsdruci says:

If you are a Costco member, definitely check out their roses, which are generally about $15-20 for two dozen. I have found the quality to be excellent. If you aren’t a member, ask a friend or neighbor who is to pick some up for you (if you live in Tustin you are surrounded by Costco members.) A florist will vary in price from $30-50+ per dozen.
I do not like the quality of most grocery store flowers, but they do have lower prices. You might want to ask the grocery store about their flower delivery schedule and plan to buy on the first day of a new shipment for best quality.

Pauline says:

Have you considered asking the florist?

justbein says:

Depends on time of year – $12-$50 depending on arrangement, cash and carry or delivery, etc. At Valentine’s double that. I live in Texas and CA may be higher because everything seems more expensive there.

=] says:

the price range is around $15- $35. it matters where you get it and what kind you get.

angelas says:

Ususally around 10-12 dollars in cheaper stores. Im in Florida so California may be a little more expensive.

♫piano_p says:

They vary depending on where you get them and what kind you get. If you get long stem roses they will cost more than the cheaper roses.
You can go to a florist and pay $50 $60 $70 or more (like I said depends on where you live) or you can go to a grocery store florist and find a dozen roses that a just as beautiful for $20 or $30 bucks the only difference is you deliver.

You ask, I answer says:

in FL, it’s anywhere from $7.99-$60+. it just depends on where you get them, and if they are just a bunch, or arranged in a vase.
in all honesty…don’t laugh…but i have found that roses that are bought in a gas station last the longest! no kidding. must be the fumes…
anyway, buy roses that are slightly open, not tightly budded. they’ll open the next day when she wakes up, and they’ll look beautiful. roses don’t last as long as some other types of flowers, but they are beautiful while they do.

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