How Is Traffic From San Bernardino To Orange County For A Work Commute?

How Is Traffic From San Bernardino To Orange County For A Work Commute?

I am thinking about working out in Orange County for more pay. I currently live in San Bernardino and want to know how bad is the traffic in the morning and in the evening. If it’s really bad, how long is the train ride on the metrolink? Any info will help a lot towards my decision.

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John Paul says:

You and about a Billion other cars Take the train down there explore it out on a Saturday or Sunday I hope there is an express train. At either end how far a walk or bike ride is necessary? Weather once or twice a year? I could not imagine wanting to drive across 6 different City’s from San Bernardino to Orange county. At rush Hour.

Chuckles says:

I work in the OC and I have a coworker who lives in San Bernardino. When he drives, he spends about 90 minutes each way, every day, sometimes longer.
Sometimes, he leaves an old beater car at the Metrolink lot in Irvine and drives that into the office, leaving it at the station at nights.
He says that takes just as long but is easier on the nerves.
However, myself, I would suggest moving.
I work at the same place and live in the OC.

Azzz doggg says:

It’s going to suck.
But people do it.
If your work is near a Metrolink station, that may make it better. But I think the IEOC line goes from Riverside to OC, not from San Bernardino. Check the schedule online.
But I’d consider moving.

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