How Is Public Transportation In Orange County?

How Is Public Transportation In Orange County?

I’m planning on moving to Orange County and I was wondering what public transportation was like. I might be able to get a car, but with gas prices and insurance and what not, I was hoping to get away without having a car.

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Azzz doggg says:

If you’re talking about Orange County, California:
there is a bus system (OCTA) which is fairly limited in some areas but provides good service in north county (Anaheim, Santa Ana, and so on). If you live in Santa Ana, for example, you could easily get a lot of places using the bus. If you live in Irvine, on the other hand, the bus will come once an hour, so you’ll need a car.
There are also 2 Metrolink train lines going to Los Angeles and Riverside, as well as Amtrak to San Diego.
OC isn’t the ideal place to live without a car, but it may be possible in some cities.

mobilema says:

did you know there are at least two orange countiess?
(ones in California and ones in Florida
funny thing they both have a “dinseyland” in both of them
now do you mean the california orange county or do you mean the florda
orange county

OverRule says:

Which Orange County? There’s also Orange County in upstate New York.

Silverst says:

Would depend on Which Orange County you are talking about.

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