How Do You Pass A Drug Test In One Week And What Is Orange County Jail Like?

How Do You Pass A Drug Test In One Week And What Is Orange County Jail Like?

I am currently on informal probation for meth related charges stemming from an arrest last October. I just turned 18 this month. My probation officer called recently and wants a urine test from me by May 23. I have not used Meth for about a month or two but I have been smoking weed heavily with the exception of the last two days. Can I beat this urine test without a whizzinator? (My pants will be around my ankles)
What detox methods are effective? I’m pretty sure that all the cranberry pill/charcoal pill/milk thistle stuff is bullshit, but is there anything out there that can help me or am I fuked.
Also, if I can’t pass I will most likely be taking a little trip down to Orange County Jail. Does anyone have any inforamtion on how to have a problem-free stay. I am 18, 170-180 pounds, not very aggressive (but I will defend myself if I am in real danger) and not an ugly dude. I heard that the rape stuff is also bullshit but how can I be sure? Please tell me whatever you can.



One Wing Eagle Woman says:

My daughter was in East LA when her boyfriend decided to thump her around. The police were very enthusiatic about arresting a puke beating on a pregnant woman. I think he came out with his butt intact, but don’t plan on eating much. The big dudes grab 2 or 3 chow trays and the guards don’t give a dang. Get off the crap and drink lots of tea. Those cleaners are for casual users, and rarely work when it counts. Maybe check into detox and admit to a relapse. Sometimes they have a little mercy if you look like you are trying to do something.

David B says:

Your done man. A week won’t get heavy weed out. I would say fess up, and hope for a little mercy and some rehab.

Kevin J Davis says:

……boy you gona get raped!

gen. patton says:

what does it take for you to learn? instead of trying to find someone to help you beat the system, try finding help to beat the addiction. believe it or not, you’re not going to beat the system,dude. and if you get in trouble in o.c.j.,you could get yourself an extension on your free room and board. and, the longer you stay, the better your changes are of getting in trouble. i know you and your so called friends think it’s cool to be on drugs, and some think it’s cool to be in trouble with the law,but it’s STUPID. so,get your head out of your a$$ and get clean. what kind of job do you think you can get with, drugs and jail, on your record. god help us, you could wind up being president.

Melissa E says:

Hmmm, for detox I would suggest STOP DOING DRUGS for starters….

CountyMo says:

Go back in time and dont do drugs.

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