How Do You Become A Dance Crew Member??? ?

How Do You Become A Dance Crew Member??? ?

Hello! I have a (probably) silly question to ask.
How do become a dance crew member??? Is there any dance crew in Tustin, Ca or O.C??
What do i need to do??
Thanks for the answers



Baby Boo says:

i neva had any problems 2 get into any dance crews! if u’re known as a great dancer, they will come to you asking you if u wud like 2 be in their team.. in case they’re nt doin any auditions… just check where they go clubbin.. prepare urself 2 hav fun 2 d maximum and at d same time impress them like **** without even them noticin u doin it on purpose..
with auditions its easy,,, as everybody mentioned.. no need 4 me 2 repeat
1 more thing,,, in case no auditions.. check any local competitions.. and WIN! u impress lotta dancers,, and u get d offer .. i guess its always better 2 get offers.. u wont need 2 run after everybody!
okay.. b4 everything.. make sure ur are at d same level as the crew.. and u need 2 research good of all d crews,, and check which 1 is the best 1.. follow their steps.. take everybody’s opinion and go check them up.. dont rush things 2 get in a crew,, take ur time.. so u dont regret choosin them…
good luck with everything!

SecretSmile c: says:

i have no idea what that place ur living in..anyways..if y’all wanna be a crew member just check if they have any auditions and show’em what you got..most probably they will have to hit you up later when they decide i guess…good luck! and hope you make it!

Queen E says:

You should get informed about dance crews your state or city has. If the crew is holding auditions then you should give them a call or hit their studio. You really need to be in shape and be able to learn dances pretty fast. Good Luck.

whitepeg says:

I’m in your same spot I’m lookin for a crew I live in AZ so I’m kinda far from you but if you figure something out let me know and I will do the same!

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