How Big Are The Anaheim Angels In Orange County? How Big Is Angels Hype Compared To Lakers Hype In Oc?

How Big Are The Anaheim Angels In Orange County? How Big Is Angels Hype Compared To Lakers Hype In Oc?

Just wondering how big the Angels are in O.C., with them being the best in the league right now.
When they make the playoffs, how high is the city on the team? Is there lots of street parties, cars honking, etc? Lots of people with flags and cars decorated?
How does Angels hype in Orange County compare with Lakers hype?



Frizzer says:

The Lakers relocated from Minnesota and the Dodgers from Brooklyn before expansion created the Angels. Because of this both the Lakers and Dodgers captured most fans in the LA area and that didn’t leave much for the Angels to draw from. In addition, the Angels didn’t have very good teams for a long time and their fan base was not even close to that of the Dodgers and Lakers. Before the Angels had a stadium of their own they actually played in Dodger Stadium for their home games. During the past decade the Angels have been fielding better teams and their fan support has picked up but not to the level of the Dodgers.

sportsju… says:

Angels hype doesn’t compare with the Lakers hype because first off they are two different sports and there are a lot of MLB and NBA teams in Cali,so they’re like butter and they spread.They’re both LA,not OC.
Now if you’re talking about bandwagon Lakers fans,that’s a totally different story.

Danielle says:

Didn’t you get the memo? They are now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, or some such stupid, convoluted, marketing-inspired name.
I think this whole name change thing has actually hurt them. Anaheim used to be quite proud of the fact they had a team. Now that Anaheim is an afterthought, I think the team has a much smaller fan base.

Zosh says:

OC is a little more conservative. So you don’t get a lot of street parties. You do get a lot of people with flags and you have a lot of sports bars in the Anaheim area filled when they play if the game is sold out.
My parent’s have been Angel season ticket holders for over 25 years. I went to the last world series (game 6) they were in. It was AWESOME!!

luv3dbb says:

The lure of getting behind a home team is infecting. It even reached as far as Sacramento . Where once cow bells rang,at the end of the season there were laker fans cheering at their home court.

joe s says:

The Angles are dirt compared to the Lakers

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