Help Plan A Trip To San Francisco?

Help Plan A Trip To San Francisco?

My 2 friends and I were all girls in college on a budget and we are planning a trip to san fran. We live in tustin. We wanna know what would be cheaper flying or driving. We will be leaving in June. What are some rlly cheap motels or hotels. What are some things to do and what shall we see. We are going for cheap but we wanna have fun. I will be 19 but the other 2 will be 18, R there any good 18 and over clubs and how do we stay safe as we r still young thanks!



PinkPrin says:

It would be fun to take a road trip to San Francisco w/ your friends. My friends & I always used to take road trips down south when we were your age. You’ll probably want a rent-a-car anyways, so maybe driving would be good. If you want a cheap flight, keep looking on b/c they always have good deals, esp. if you book in advance! Look on or for cheap hotels. Don’t worry about staying “safe”. S.F. is great, just don’t do nothing stupid or piss anyone off and you’ll be fine!
18+ clubs: Visit
I can’t tell you which clubs are 18+ b/c it depends who’s throwing it.
– City Nights is normally 18+ on Fridays/Saturdays & that’s on 715 Harrison St. in SF (I used to go there A LOT when I first turned 18, it’s always cracken there!
Things to do/see:
Bay Cruise
Hornblower Cruise
SF Zoo
Academy of Science (just opened 2 months ago)
Ocean Beach
Downtown — Union Square, Westfield Shopping Center, Bloomingdales (shopping!!!)
Ride the cable cars (to/from Fisherman’s Wharf & Downtown)
Stow Lake (take a boat ride, if it’s not raining)
Twin Peaks (beautiful view)
Warriors Game in Oakland (not too far from SF, can take bart)
Lombard Street (Crookedy road)

Ohi A says:

I would definitely recommend flying, because it’s so much more convenient. The only website you need to search for flights and hotels is BookMe dot com. You can compare ALL the reputable travel sites, and save money. Good luck!

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