Have Moved In Orange County Want To Register Our New Address For Voting?

Have Moved In Orange County Want To Register Our New Address For Voting?

We are a registered voter in Orange County for 20 years. We have a new address and wish to obtain the necessary forms for registering our new address to vote in the Presidential Election November 4.



firekitt says:

Fill out the form above and send it to
Orange County Registrar of Voters
P.O. Box 11298
Santa Ana, CA 92711-1298
Registration ends on October 20, 2008 in California. You can also call 714.567.7600 and have the registrar’s office send you a voter registration form.
I emphasize you register directly with your counties registrar of voters to avoid delays. You do not need to change your address on your id because you’re validated by the state via your ca id # not the address on the id. There are delays if you go through the Secretary of State and sometimes you will not be registered if you go through the DMV. Definitely follow up with the office after you register to make sure you did not slip through the cracks.
See you at the polls!

Anonymous says:

Your local library has the forms to register. Also, right about now, pretty much every single Target has people sitting outside waiting to register voters!

judo702 says:

Hurry up change the address on your license and go get it done.

Bibs says:

Go to your city, or village, or town clerk.

trickle down economics suck says:

Go to ellentv.com to register. You only have until Mon. Either that or go to the dmv

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