Does Anyone Know Of A Jewelry Place Where They Have Good Prices?

Does Anyone Know Of A Jewelry Place Where They Have Good Prices?

ok so im looking for a jewelry store that has good prices. Because im looking to buy an engagement ring no smaller than 2 carat….so i wanted to compare prices….
this weekend im going to the jewelry exchange in tustin. But i wanted to know of some other places…i live in souther california.



misslill says:

Price is not the first consideration you should have when buying jewelry. The most important thing is to go to a Jeweler that has a good reputation. If you do that you will know that you are getting your moneys worth. If you pay a small amount of money for a diamond and it cracks or chips or turns out to be a lesser quality than they said it is, or have a problem with the ring itself you are going to be out some money. If you go to a reputable jeweler they will stand by their merchandise.

mvoskani says:

Go to Jewelry district in downtown LA on hill street.

CA-Agent says:

You’re going to the right place my friend. I shopped around for a month before I bought my wife’s engagement ring. You get more for your dollar at the jewelry exchange in tustin.

John says:

check out the jewelry exchange/center/stores/district at downtown los angeles.

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