Do You Guys Think That The Fires From Orange County Will Reach San Diego?

Do You Guys Think That The Fires From Orange County Will Reach San Diego?

Orange County Etc.
Do you think they’ll eventually reach San Diego?
Or will fires eventually start in San Diego by themselves?
Ha, thanks.
I want to know what you guys believe will happen.
Or, what you guys assume will occur later on.
Thanks; Xxx.



Anonymous says:

San Diego (the city proper) and Orange County are separated by over a hundred miles; it would be virtually impossible for a fire to travel that distance unless it is left unchecked — which it is not. The fire is being fought quite aggressively even as we sit dawdling on our computers.
San Diego is prime real estate for fires; we have a lot of brush and hard to reach areas that make fire-fighting very difficult. So of COURSE fires could start here…just do a little searching for the San Diego County fire storm of 2006 which destroyed HUNDREDS of homes, THOUSANDS of acres of property, and killed several people. Or the fire storm of last year that nearly completely encircled the city of San Diego in a horse shoe shaped ring to the north and south of the city.
If you want more information on the fires, check out this website:
And if you want to see where fires are currently burning in California:…

Driving Instructor (BRAKE!) says:

Obviously, you’re lacking in knowledge of the distance between Orange County and San Diego
The primary separator between the two cities is Camp Pendleton.
VERY, VERY unlikely that a fire would ever move from one city to the other (either direction.)

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