Contest Rules

The Rules are very simple.  You are creating an image depicting the concept and City of Tustin Culture.

The image must be submitted

10 inches high x 10 inches wide at a resolution of 200 dpi

If the image is solid, (no transparencies) then .jpg is fine.

If the image has transparencies or knockouts then .png is the preferred file type.

You are submitting these images for use on products and they will be re-sold at a profit.

If your image is chosen you will receive an award of $50 and a tshirt with your image on it.

You or a guardian will have to sign a release authorizing and it’s associated partners the right to use and re-sell the image.  You are selling your rights to the image.  You will not be able to re-sell this image yourself as the Rustin In Tustin and phrases are trademarked.  Keep reading.

Why are we looking for images this way?   Typcally we hire graphic artists locally and abroad to create images for us to use on our products.  Usually they charge us between $25 and $40 to create these images with up to four revisions.

We decided that instead of hiring people who have no idea what Tustin is all about, we wanted to give the people who live in Tustin or have lived here a chance to put their mark on the city and get a little recognition.

Please note, if your image is selected, we may request revisions and will happily pay for these revisions as we deem necessary.

If your image is submitted and not selected, it will not be used without your consent.

We reserve the right to select additional images and determine appropriate awards.

Thanks for participating.

Send all submissions to
contest at
(convert to email format at=@)


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