Can Anyone Describe Me Life In Irvine?

Can Anyone Describe Me Life In Irvine?

I know that it’s one of the safest cities in America, but what about the following:
Is it crowded? Is it expensive to live there. What’s the least salary one needs to live a good life there? Is it a clean city?
What about neighboring Tustin and Mission Viejo? BTW, are there better places to live in So Cal?
PS: I lived in Fullerton and Brea.



Obviousm says:

Crowded? Not as crowded as LA, but a lot more than Mayberry.
Expensive? Bwahahahaha! Let’s see, average price of a home in the upper 600’s, what do you think? You lived in Fullerton and Brea, Irvine’s not much more expensive than those places.
Clean? Yes, like Brea and Fullerton.
Tustin and MV are also very good. Are there better places? Not many, maybe Yorba Linda.

Bet says:

I really like Irvine…the Spectrum is there and the train station (even tho there is construction over there)
As far as housing I am not 100% sure about the details. I dont think its too crowded and I believe its cheaper than Mission Viejo. In the newer ares it is very clean and very pretty
I like Mission Viejo a lot because it is an older city but it has its modern points…Also Dove Canyon in RSM is a really nice place, if you have the money.

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