Ballet Studio For 3 Year Old Girls And Older?

Ballet Studio For 3 Year Old Girls And Older?

Does anyone know of any Ballet studios around Orange county ,Irvine, or Tustin that are from 3 years of age to whatever age?
And I have never been to a ballet studio nor tooken my daughter to one what exactly would they teach them? Thanks.



Finding the Way says:

A web search would answer your first question. LA is known for some great dance studios. I think at age 3, the class will be a lot of following direction, exploring body movement and basic ballet positions. Try to make it fun for kids or they get turned off at a young age and don’t keep up with it. In the long run, ballet will teach a person not only great posture, flexibility, strength, and all around healthy lifestyle; but also hard work ethic, determination, self discipline and that you can reach your dreams if you put your whole self into it.

supeerrs says:

I don’t live in America,but I’m sure you can find a studio online.
Anyways, they would teach them the basic stuff like your posture, positions(it depends on the levels though)and it’s more like play ballet. They don’t get serious until 8-10.

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