Anyone Live In Tustin?

Anyone Live In Tustin?

yea theres alot of geat stuff to do there
As a SoCal native, I will gladly help you with this question.
You can go to The Tustin Marketplace, and shop ’till you drop or eat ’till you plop! Learn more at:…
The Irvine Spectrum is only a few miles away! With lots of renovations (plus a cool big wheel and theatre) done and lots to do, it’s the ideal weekend hangout spot!…
Wild Rivers is totally awesome! I would recommend you go on Mondays after 4 pm, when the Monday Night Carload is on. More info at:
Newport Beach is one of the best beaches to hit the waves and stay cool! Map (from Google):
Corona Del Mar is pretty neat too!…
Go see the Angels at one of their ballgames! Bring the family or a couple of friends!…
Go to Bower’s Museum for filling your brain with knowledge. More at:
The Discovery Center not only is educational; it’s lotsa fun, too!
Santa Ana Zoo is a pretty cool place to see… zoo animals! Go to:
San Diego Zoo is kinda far, but still fun to got to!
The Aquarium at the Pacific is a wonderful place to see aquatic animals!…
I have gone to all of these locations (except Bowers…but I’ll go there soon!), so I knew that they are good recommendations. Try them out and see for yourself! While most of these areas are outside of Tustin, they are still kinda close but very fun to go to! Hope you have some fun! 🙂



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