Any Jobs In Orange County For A Bs In Biology And A Chemistry Minor?

Any Jobs In Orange County For A Bs In Biology And A Chemistry Minor?

I need a job in Orange County. I have a BS in biology and a chemistry minor. I also have a certificate in forensic science, but I think that’s worthless since that field is too saturated, but maybe doctors’ offices or lab work. Anyone know?



visitoc says:

I’ve lately been eyeing on a job at the Water District. Unfortunately, I’m not a bio or chem major, so I can’t get it, but they are always hiring interns and full time people at the three facilities that they operate.
As you may know, people are becoming more environmentally conscious, and its now being said that water will become a scarce resource in this world. After the oil boom, people think there will be a shortage of water which translates into higher prices to consumers.
I really think a career at the Water District is a good one because it has great benefits, its a growing area of life where people will always need, and the government is investing more money into facilities as well as HR to keep our water technology high up in world rankings.
Check out these three sites to see if any of them will interest you. Some of the jobs pay pretty good, and they have awesome benefits.……
Good luck wth your job search!!

Rick Ross says:

you can work at a doctors office but you may need some more schooling to become a certified medical assistant or medical biller. Why dont you pursue Physician assistant? They make great money. View more at there are tons of Jobs in CA on this site but like i said may require more schooling

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