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As long as I can remember the phrase “Rustin In Tustin” was a mantra used by junior and high school aged kids to imply that there wasn’t anything to do in the City of Tustin.  Now this was back in the late 70’s for me but I’ve heard stories of kids from the 60’s using the saying.

Back then, it was a time where hiding out in real live orange groves was about the most exciting it got.

I remember when we really stepped it up and got a real life bowling alley.  Tustin Lanes is still a favorite.

I remember frequently my parents having to take me to other cities to “have fun”.

Well, since then I’ve continued to hear the saying used by junior and high school kids.  And much to my surprise I wasn’t the only one who held onto the saying as I remained a resident of this great city.  I’ve heard other old friends, locally and abroad, continue to use the saying.  Not in a negative fashion but just as a memory of good times past.  I’m sure the kids of today will remember it when they’re in their 40’s and the saying will continue to be passed down the line.  It’s become a part of the Tustin Culture

As we all know the City of Tustin has continued to be a great city to live in.  I’ve always referred to it as the biggest small city around.  It’s just big enough to offer all the entertainment, recreation, social and shopping anyone could handle but small enough to feel like a good old fashioned American city.

We’d love to hear your stories of Tustin.  Be sure to include where you live now and when you lived here.


Jan Kulm Davis says:

Born and raised In Tustin. The 70’s were good times! Remember the Tastee Freeze? Newport Beach? The Little Red Inn ( by Tustin High )? Tustin Theater? Kresgee’s Ice cream? Does anyone remember a teacher Mrs. Natalie Mintz-Lucas? I loved growing up there!

Jan Kulm Davis says:

Oh and I do remember One Stop Liquor Store. There was another guy that owned it before Pat. Think his name was Don.

CVS 1962 says:

Two kids from the 60’s who grew up in Tustin have a fun an amazing little love story……

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