10th Grader At Pacific Coast High School, Can I Go To A Uc School?

10th Grader At Pacific Coast High School, Can I Go To A Uc School?

Hello, I am a 10th Grader at Pacific Coast High School in Tustin, CA. My school is not UC approved and has no AP or Honor courses. My GPA is 3.76 Non-Weighted. How could I possibly go to a UC school. Thank You.



Ms. Sun says:

Your achievement is only compared to the achievements of your peers and what is available to you (your profile will only be looked at in the context of your high school). So if your high school offers no AP/Honors courses, you will not be disadvantaged in any way because of that.

Anna P says:

It doesn’t sound possible, unfortunately. You should call the UC system office and see if there is any way to get around it; but w/o any AP courses, you are at a great disadvantage. Does you HS have any corss-coded college courses at a local community college? That would be a good substitute for AP.

ballewth says:

Start emailing the admissions office of the university you wish to attend. Let them know your situation. A high SAT or ACT score will carry a lot of weight and tell them you will learn despite your high school’s limitations. You will probably wish to take review courses for the ACT and SAT.

sictrans says:

“My school is not UC approved” = BIG disadvantage. Try transferring.

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